Q?I’m overwhelmed and nervous. Where do we start?

I’ve designed a simple and effective three-step process: sort, choose, and store.  It’s the most effective way to reclaim every inch of your space and no longer be held hostage by your clutter. You may have a garage that you can’t even walk in, or an attic that’s about to burst.  I’ve seen it all and I can quickly make sense of the space and help you get organized.

Contact me and schedule a free initial consultation.

At the initial consultation, we’ll have a chance to meet each other and review the project. If it’s appropriate to work together and we like each other, we’ll schedule dates to tackle the project.

Q?What is a professional organizer?

As a professional organizer, I’m a space expert.  Some people are good at math and others are good at writing.  I’m good at space. I built my career on visual merchandising for World Market, and became masterful at organizing and making things look pretty.

I help people get organized and feel good about their living and working spaces.  Once organized, my clients are energized and more productive, but also more relaxed and focused.

Q?What does a professional organizer do?

Many professional organizer have specific niches. I help residential and commercial clients use every inch of their space effectively.  I also have an eye for making things pretty. I care that things look good.

What do I do?  I get my hands dirty and dig into every project to sort through clutter.  Next, my clients make choices about what to keep, how to keep it, and stuff to let go.  Then, we store it.  I’ve detailed more specifics on the process here.

Q?How much does getting organized cost?

The short answer is it depends.  The more thorough answer includes considerations of the size of the space, the degree of clutter or mayhem, and any necessary supplies like shelving units or storage bins.

Check out the Services page for details on specific rates. Then, let’s schedule an initial free consultation.  Based on my experience, I can provide a ballpark estimate of what it’ll take to achieve the degree of organizing that you want.