Too often we’re stuck dealing with mountains of paper, deadlines, and projects.  The stuff in our homes, offices, and garages gets in the way of being productive and feeling passionate about our living and work spaces.  These spaces become unusable and chaotic.

At the heart of my organizing philosophy is an appreciation for all things simple….and pretty.


I help people get organized and feel good about their living and work spaces.

From studio apartments to three-stall garages, I partner with my clients to use every inch of their space effectively. Every project sparkles and supports my clients and their big, big lives. What was unusable and ugly becomes productive and pretty.


Along the way to getting organized, it’s easy to get started and then quickly overwhelmed. Clients love me because I keep things moving, while rapidly solving space issues and dilemmas. After years of directing teams in retail merchandising, I’ve developed a process that works with anyone to get organized.  It’s a three-step process that is effective, simple, and gets at the heart of solving organizational problems.

1. Sort

The Sorting phase involves pulling everything out of an area and sorting things into three general categories:
1. critical save & family memorabilia – the stuff that matters most and should be protected
2. possible save – the stuff that matters
3. everything else – discard, donate, or recycle

2. Choose

In the next stage of the process, we walk through the general categories that have been completed in the Sorting phase, often family stuff, varying save piles, and possible groups of trash, recycling, or items for donation. I’m with you every step of the way. It’s really simple: you choose to keep the category or move it to another.
When the Choose phase is complete, we’ll know what’s staying, its priority, and how accessible the various groupings need to be.

3. Store

By now, we’ve sorted through the chaos of a cluttered space. We’ve categorized and chosen the stuff to protect and preserve, sorted other stuff for storage, and have cleared away any debris that isn’t serving a purpose.We now have a clear picture of your space.
At this point, I may make recommendations to purchase additional supplies like shelving or storage containers. If necessary, I can even pick them up for you.
In this final phase, we pull everything together. Once organized, you’ll have a general “home” for all of your stuff and the structures necessary to maintain your space.